Chloe Manlay

Nutritional Therapist BSc (Hons), Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, AFMCP Graduate

I help busy women suffering with IBS and other digestive disorders by helping them understand the root causes of their digestive symptoms. My highly bespoke programmes coach you through a 360 degree approach to improve your digestion, drawing on my experience in nutrition, functional medicine, yoga and mindfulness to eliminate your symptoms, boost your energy and get you on the path to a happy and fulfilling life. 

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Gut Transformation Programme

A 180-day one to one transformational coaching program to help you adopt the healthiest and most enjoyable foods for you, re-gain full energy & boost your confidence and enjoyment of life. Understand the root causes of your symptoms and firmly establish your path to balanced symptom-free living.

Gut Healing Programme

A 90-day one to one personalised programme tailored to your unique needs. Identify the root causes of your symptoms, lose your bloat and gut pain, and re-gain control of your digestion and energy levels so that you can enjoy food, eating out and life!

Group Programmes

I run my "Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind, Healthy You" programme regularly throughout the year. A 30 day online group programme where you will learn about the pivotal role good digestion plays in your mood and overall health, and be supported in making dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your digestion.

What clients say about working with Chloe…

“Chloe was superb during the cleanse I did with her. Her recommendations and recipes were totally realistic, and achievable. She predicted common obstacles and offered practical advice on how to overcome them. All her advice and information was really easy to digest. (Pun intended) & easy to incorporate into your daily life. she was incredibly supportive and kind in her approach. I couldnt recommend her highly enough.”



“I’m so excited I’m going to the theatre for the first time in years this Saturday! Before working with you I wouldn’t dream of booking tickets to sit down in public for 2 hours, especially after going out got lunch, but I am feeling confident that I will be fine and am really looking forward to it!”



“Chloe has been of great help with nutritional and lifestyle management of my chronic health problems. Left to tackle these problems on my own (and I’ve tried for many years) I’d struggled to find the right direction. Chloe helped put me on course with her knowledge and expertise, and not forgetting her support. Chloe has been extremely supportive and has worked with me, listened and helped overcome challenges. Chloe’s efforts behind the scenes in researching specific issues haven’t gone unnoticed, she’d even put me into contact with a fellow sufferer of the same health problems to share notes and be inspired by their progress.

I highly recommend working with Chloe where you have specific nutritional and lifestyle objectives, or perhaps know you’d like to make change but aren’t sure what. In fact, I’ve already recommended her to friends and will continue to do so!”




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