What I Do

I help busy women who struggle with IBS and other digestive disorders to achieve pain-free, symptom-free living. My highly personalised programmes identify the root causes of your health symptoms, and coach you in dietary, movement and mindset changes. 

My Philosophy 

Working with me will allow you to enter into a new relationship with yourself and your body. As a Nutritional Therapist, Health Coach and Yoga Teacher, my programmes move way beyond just food. I have trained under the Functional Medicine Model which advocates the assessment of your body as a whole, not just treating a set of symptoms or illnesses which are immediately obvious.

This approach addresses the underlying causes of imbalance and disease, not just what is presented on the surface. 


How I can support you


Together we will create a bespoke programme which includes personalised nutrition, health coaching, yoga, meditation and lifestyle medicine with the ultimate aim of getting you and your health to where you want to be.

You won’t just follow a diet, but will be supported on your journey – we will explore where imbalances started to appear in your life, and you will be coached on creating new habits and routines that will lead you to a symptom and pain free life, full of energy and freedom. 

I run a virtual clinic which offers the best flexibility for my clients and helps to minimise costs. It also means I can space out my clinic hours, leaving time between consultations to write up your notes, look up any relevant research and send over your personalised programme within 2 working days.

Great digestion, glowing skin and your ideal weight are all available to you, I can’t wait to support you on your journey getting there! Book your free Wellness Call now to find out how I can help. 


What you can expect


My passion isn’t just in providing you with expert knowledge, but helping you apply it to your normal life. My programmes ensure you get the support you need making changes, and expert information can be given to you over a period of time at a pace that feels comfortable for you.

Studies have shown that regular coaching sessions every 1-2 weeks provide the best results. 

Regular sessions also allow me to get to know you, what happens when you get stressed, when you have your period, or are faced with some emotional and physical challenges.  When life gets in the way basically! I’m there to listen, to help navigate you and support you.

Together you will form new habits, break disruptive behaviours and create a new routine to heal your digestion, improve your mood, optimise health and restore balance. 

I love what I do and can’t wait to be part of your journey!



Gut Transformation Programme

A 180-day one to one transformational coaching program to help you adopt the healthiest and most enjoyable foods for you, re-gain full energy & boost your confidence and enjoyment of life. Understand the root causes of your symptoms and firmly establish your path to balanced symptom-free living.

Gut Healing Programme

A 90-day one to one personalised programme tailored to your unique needs. Identify the root causes of your symptoms, lose your bloat and gut pain, and re-gain control of your digestion and energy levels so that you can enjoy food, eating out and life!

Group Programmes

I run my "Healthy Gut, Healthy Mind, Healthy You" programme regularly throughout the year. A 30 day online group programme where you will learn about the pivotal role good digestion plays in your mood and overall health, and be supported in making dietary and lifestyle changes to improve your digestion.

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